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Assalamu Alaikum,

“Rightness has arrived falsehood perished verily falsehood is bound to perish”(Bani Israel 17:81)

We left TamilNadu to land in Mumbai to seek our Existence only with a view to live at the worldly life. But the global life is a Mirage. The hereafter ie. The life after Death is the real and exact one that we learnt by the guidelines of the Holy Quran and the Esteemed Hadith. Few hearts have got impressed and attracted by the principle of monotheism which underwent untold sufferings and hardships while presenting forward the true religion Islam in front of the people. At last, gathered together in the name and banner of “MUSLIM JAMATH” in the year 1986. We execute multiple services by the grace of Almighty Allah (All Praise be to Allah).

Muslim Jamath is a registered charitable Islamic Organisation of Tamil Muslims in the Suburbs of Mumbai. Alhamdulillah, the activities done by Jamath are as follows...

1. Learn and practice Islam in personal and family life.
2. Eradicate superstitions and false practices in the life of the Muslims.
3. Propagate Islam in correct perspective to Non Muslim brothers and sisters and remove their misconceptions.
4. Socio Economic development of community on the Islamic lines.
5. General welfare of the masses on the foot prints of beloved Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
6. Development of Islamic Community.
7. Training and development of Volunteers, Speakers and Daes among men, women and children.